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Becoming Japanese: Colonial Taiwan and the Politics of Identity Formation
In 1895 Japan acquired Taiwan as its first formal colony after a resounding victory in the Sino-Japanese war. For the next fifty years, Japanese rule devastated and transformed the entireExpand
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Eliminating ‘Yuck’: A Simple Exposition of Media and Social Change in Water Reuse Policies
Water reuse is an efficient way of managing water resources in cities, but reuse policies have often been derailed by the ‘yuck’ factor. While yuck has often been thought of as a problem of publicExpand
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Globalizing the Regional, Regionalizing the Global: Mass Culture and Asianism in the Age of Late Capital
Asia is one. The Himalayas divide, only to accentuate, two mighty civilisations, the Chinese with its communism of Confucius, and the Indian with its individualism of the Vedas. But not even theExpand
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Imaginings in the Empires of the Sun: Japanese Mass Culture in Asia
Kuo-rei Chen slouches in his chair, absorbed intently by the images emitting from his thirty-inch Sony Trinitron television. Kuo-rei does not understand the broadcast coming through the stereo-soundExpand
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Savage Construction and Civility Making: The Musha Incident and Aboriginal Representations in Colonial Taiwan
In 1911 Japanese colonial officials led forty-three selected aboriginal leaders from Taiwan on one of the seven “tours to Japan proper” (naichi kankō). The tours were organized in conjunction withExpand
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Institutional legitimacy: an exegesis of normative incentives
This paper reviews the current thinking on institutions and finds that the notion of legitimacy is incompletely developed in the pervasive collective action model of new institutional economics. ItExpand
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A lived-experience investigation of narratives: recycled drinking water
Abstract Recycled drinking water (RDW) represents a cost-effective and technologically reliable source of urban water. Yet it remains one of the least implemented solutions because of emotional andExpand
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Japan in Asia
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