Leo P. Ligthart

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Detection of trapped victims using ultrawideband radar is considered a highly challenging task due to multiple unknown parameters and generally very low signal-to-noise-andclutter ratio (SNCR) conditions. In this paper, we propose a novel detection algorithm which is designed for detection of periodic motion caused by, e.g., respiratory motion of the victim(More)
-A new technique is presented for exploiting antenna diversity in OFDM systems, which can be applied at the transmitter and/or at the receiver. The core idea concerns the introduction of cyclic delays to the effective parts (FFT-parts) of the OFDM signals transmitted/received via several antennas. The method is computationally highly efficient because the(More)
In this paper, the formulation of Kirchhoff migration is modified for multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) arraybased radar imaging in both free-space and subsurface scenarios. By applying the Kirchhoff integral to the multistatic data acquisition, the integral expression for the MIMO imaging is explicitly derived. Inclusion of the Snell’s law and the(More)