Leo Lopez

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The Hot Strip Mill Production Scheduling Problem is a hard problem that arises in the steel industry when scheduling steel coil production. It can be modeled as a generalization of the Prize Collecting Traveling Salesman Problem with multiple and conflicting objectives and constraints. In this paper we formulate this problem as a mathematical program and(More)
BACKGROUND Girls and women with Turner syndrome are at risk for aortic dissection and rupture. However, the size of the aorta and the clinical characteristics among those with Turner syndrome and dissection have received little attention. METHODS AND RESULTS We obtained medical records from 20 individuals who voluntarily participated in the International(More)
In the past decade, different studies have suggested that high-order factors could influence the perceptual processing of emotional stimuli. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the effect of congruent vs. incongruent social information (positive, negative or no information related to the character of the target) on subjective (perceived and felt valence and(More)
To study human movement generation, as well as to develop efficient control algorithms for humanoid or dexterous manipulation robots, overcoming the limits and drawbacks of inverse-kinematics-based methods is needed. Adequate methods must deal with high dimensionality, uncertainty, and must perform in real time (constraints shared by robots and humans).(More)
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