Leo Huf Campos Braga

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—An 8 16 pixel array based on CMOS small-area silicon photomultipliers (mini-SiPMs) detectors for PET applications is reported. Each pixel is 570 610 m in size and contains four digital mini-SiPMs, for a total of 720 SPADs, resulting in a full chip fill-factor of 35.7%. For each gamma detection, the pixel provides the total detected energy and a timestamp,(More)
This paper presents a radiation hardened Active Pixel Sensor implemented in a standard 0.35μm CMOS process. The integrated circuit is composed of a 64x64 pixel matrix with a 25μm pixel pitch and has four different pixel architectures. There are also test structures to permit the characterization of the MOS transistors. The radiation hardening of(More)
1 – This paper is the first comprehensive presentation of the SPADnet concept. SPADnet is a fully digital, networked MRI compatible time-of-flight PET system, exploiting the speed and integration density of deep-submicron CMOS technologies. The core enabling technologies of SPADnet are a sensor device comprising an array of 8x16 pixels, each composed of 4(More)
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