Leo Harrington

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Program Synthesis by Sketching by Armando Solar-Lezama Doctor in Philosophy in Engineering-Electrical Engineering and Computer Science University of California, Berkeley Rastislav Bodik, Chair The goal of software synthesis is to generate programs automatically from highlevel speci cations. However, e cient implementations for challenging programs require a(More)
A set A of nonnegative integers is recursively enumerable (r.e.) if A can be computably listed. It is shown that there is a first-order property, Q(X), definable in E, the lattice of r.e. sets under inclusion, such that (i) if A is any r.e. set satisfying Q(A) then A is nonrecursive and Turing incomplete and (ii) there exists an r.e. set A satisfying Q(A).(More)
In 1969 Rabin introduced tree automata and proved one of the deepest decidability results. If you worked on decision problems you did most probably use Rabin's result. But did you make your way through Rabin's cumbersome proof with its induction on countable ordinals? Building on ideas of our predecessors-&-mdash;and especially those of(More)
The purpose of this communication is to announce some recent results on the computably enumerable sets. There are two disjoint sets of results; the first involves invariant classes and the second involves automorphisms of the computably enumerable sets. What these results have in common is that the guts of the proofs of these theorems uses a new form of(More)