Leo G. Henry

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Heinrich events—surges of icebergs into the North Atlantic Ocean—punctuated the last glacial period. The events are associated with millennial-scale cooling in the Northern Hemisphere. Fresh water from the melting icebergs is thought to have interrupted the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, thus minimizing heat transport into the northern North(More)
This paper describes a constant impedance transmission line pulse system with new measurement capabilities and improved accuracy. The paper enforces a broader look at transmission line pulse (TLP) data, beyond the – curves. Accurate TLP measurements and actual TLP/HBM device data are used to demonstrate effects and HBM/TLP correlation and miscorrelation.(More)
In this work, we demonstrate that both capacitance and inductance must be the central parameters associated with the Charged Device Model (CDM) waveform verification modules. We also propose a change from the previously used FR-4 dielectric material substrate to a more stable Alumina. This improves waveform repeatability and will lead to better correlation(More)
The IC industry continues to find ways to improve the ability to correlate the electrical failure signature of devices with the physical failure location using different techniques. The purpose of this work is to show that improved transmission line pulse (TLP) testing technique of ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) protection structures can provide accurate(More)
The integrated circuit (IC) industry has been using transmission-line pulse (TLP) testing to characterize on-chip electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection structures since 1985. This TLP ESD testing technique was introduced by Maloney and Khurana as a new electrical analysis tool to test the many single elements used as ESD protection structures. Since(More)
The most recent ice age was characterized by rapid and hemispherically asynchronous climate oscillations, whose origin remains unresolved. Variations in oceanic meridional heat transport may contribute to these repeated climate changes, which were most pronounced during marine isotope stage 3, the glacial interval 25 thousand to 60 thousand years ago. We(More)
Parameters associated with an observed variation in CDM ESD waveforms are shown to be pogo pin diameter, pogo pin length, ground plane size, and distance between ground plane and charge plate. The effects on resulting discharge waveforms and solutions for improvement of existing CDM standards will be discussed.
Parameters which cause the poor reproducibility of system level ESD tests have been identified: simulator calibration methodology and insufficient simulator specifications. Results of round robin tests we performed at three laboratories are reported. A better calibration methodology for ESD current measurement and additional simulator specifications for(More)
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