Leo F Dudin

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Bridged bicyclic sulfide 1 was originally found to provide high levels of asymmetric induction in sulfur ylide-mediated epoxidations. This sulfide possesses chirality in the [2.2.1] thioether moiety and the [2.2.1] camphor-derived carbocyclic moiety. To determine whether the optimal sulfide had been used, a diastereomer of sulfide 1 in which the(More)
A concise approach to the cephalotaxine CDE ring skeleton based on the intramolecular formal [5 + 2] photocycloaddition of cyclopentenyl-substituted maleimides is described. An investigation of the diastereoselectivity afforded by various protected alkoxy groups demonstrated that the best selectivity (3.5:1) was afforded by the free hydroxyl group, strongly(More)
Concise syntheses of the natural products cavicularin (ten steps) and riccardin C (seven steps) are reported. Key features of the new synthetic route are a convergent strategy to assemble acyclic precursors and a sequence of regioselective reduction and halogenation steps to facilitate Wittig macrocyclisation and transannular ring contraction reactions.
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