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Motivated by a recent study which cast doubt on the correspondence between Regge calculus and general relativity in the continuum limit, we explore a mechanism by which the simplicial solutions can converge, whilst the residual of the Regge equations evaluated on the continuum solutions does not. By directly constructing simplicial solutions for the Kasner(More)
We will present results of a numerical integration of a maximally sliced Schwarzschild black hole using a smooth lattice method. The results show no signs of any instability forming during the evolutions to t = 1000m. The principle features of our method are i) the use of a lattice to record the geometry, ii) the use of local Riemann normal coordinates to(More)
Cadabra is a powerful computer program for the manipulation of tensor equations. It was designed for use in high energy physics but its rich structure and ease of use lends itself well to the routine computations required in General Relativity. Here we will present a series of simple examples showing how Cadabra may be used, including verifying that the(More)
We show by an almost elementary calculation that the ADM mass of an asymptotically flat space can be computed as a limit involving a rate of change of area of a closed 2-surface. The result is essentially the same as that given by Brown and York [1, 2]. We will prove this result in two ways, first by direct calculation from the original formula as given by(More)
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