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VEGF is unique among angiogenic growth factors because it disrupts endothelial barrier function. Therefore, we considered whether this property of VEGF might contribute to tumor cell extravasation and metastasis. To test this, mice lacking the Src family kinases Src or Yes, which maintain endothelial barrier function in the presence of VEGF, were injected(More)
Focal adhesion kinase (FAK) plays a critical role during vascular development because knockout of FAK in endothelial cells (ECs) is embryonic lethal. Surprisingly, tamoxifen-inducible conditional knockout of FAK in adult blood vessels (inducible EC-specific FAK knockout [i-EC-FAK-KO]) produces no vascular phenotype, and these animals are capable of(More)
Supplementary Figure 1 Integrin αvβ3 is highly e xpressed in a sub-population of hum an pancreatic cancer cells and correlates w ith lym ph node invasion. (a,b) R epresentative im ages of im m unohistochem ical staining for the integrin β3 subunit in hum an pancreatic carcinom a sections from 18 patient sam ples. (a) (top left) β3 is absent or m inim ally(More)
An encapsulated strain of Escherichia coli has been isolated which is hemolytic, pathogenic for mice, and which has served to illustrate further evidence of heterogenetic specificity. The relationship appears to be limited to the serological reactions between the colon organism and Type I antipneumococcic horse serum. Type I antipneumococcic rabbit serum(More)
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