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A functioning logic gate based on quantum-dot cellular automata is presented, where digital data are encoded in the positions of only two electrons. The logic gate consists of a cell, composed of four dots connected in a ring by tunnel junctions, and two single-dot electrometers. The device is operated by applying inputs to the gates of the cell. The logic(More)
are caused by signs of progress early in a course of therapy. In the history of psychotherapy research , the expectancy construct emerged prematurely and without the empirical support necessary to establish its validity (Wilkins, 1973). In the absence of validating empirical evidence, subjective ex-pectancies remain interesting epiphe-nomena, rather than(More)
General social cognitive theory and its career-specific elaborations posit four primary sources through which self-efficacy beliefs are acquired and modified: personal performance accomplishments, vicarious learning, social persuasion, and physiological states and reactions. We present two studies exploring the dimensionality of these sources within the(More)
For a periodically modulated electron channel, conductance quantization characteristic of a simple quantum point contact is recovered. The value of the quantized conductance is, however, no longer a monotonically increasing function of energy. Comparison with the band structure of the corresponding infinite channel shows a direct correspondence between the(More)
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