Lensey L Hill

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The air-stable complex Pd(η(3)-allyl)(DTBNpP)Cl (DTBNpP = di(tert-butyl)neopentylphosphine) serves as a highly efficient precatalyst for the arylation of amines and enolates using aryl bromides and chlorides under mild conditions with yields ranging from 74% to 98%. Amination reactions of aryl bromides were carried out using 1-2 mol %(More)
Di(tert-butyl)neopentylphosphine (DTBNpP) in combination with palladium sources provided catalysts with comparable or better activity for the Hartwig-Buchwald amination of aryl bromides than tri(tert-butyl)phosphine (TTBP) under mild conditions. DTBNpP also provided effective catalysts for amination reactions of aryl chlorides at elevated temperatures.(More)
We report the measurement of 113Cd NMR chemical shift data for homoleptic thioether and related aza and mixed aza/thiacrown complexes. In a series of Cd(II) complexes containing trithioether to hexathioether ligands, we observe solution 113Cd NMR chemical shifts in the range of 225 to 731 ppm. Upfield chemical shifts in these NMR spectra are seen whenever:(More)
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