Lenore M. Restifo Mullin

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Despite their importance in scientiic computation, arrays have posed a serious persistent challenge to the eecient implementation of functional languages. In this paper, we propose a new monolithic array constructor which provides a solution to two major problems arising in the implementation of monolithic arrays: (1) the overhead of scheduling and(More)
We consider the analysis and optimization of code utilizing operations and functions operating on entire arrays. Models are developed for studying the minimization of the number of materializations of array-valued temporaries in basic blocks, each consisting of a sequence of assignment statements involving array-valued variables. We derive lower bounds on(More)
In a long-term observing project we have imaged a complete sample of FRII quasars and radio galaxies with z < 1.0 at high resolution and high sensitivity with the VLA and MERLIN. This sample of 98 sources includes 15 quasars, 11 broad line radio galaxies and 57 narrow line radio galaxies, allowing unification to be considered in terms of source(More)