Lenore M. Restifo Mullin

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Despite their importance in scientiic computation, arrays have posed a serious persistent challenge to the eecient implementation of functional languages. In this paper, we propose a new monolithic array constructor which provides a solution to two major problems arising in the implementation of monolithic arrays: (1) the overhead of scheduling and(More)
We consider the analysis and optimization of code utilizing operations and functions operating on entire arrays. Models are developed for studying the minimization of the number of materializations of array-valued temporaries in basic blocks, each consisting of a sequence of assignment statements involving array-valued variables. We derive lower bounds on(More)
Our presentation will discuss the outer product/tensor product and a special case of the tensor product, the Kronecker Product: the algorithms, their origin, and optimal implementation when composed, and mapped to complex processor/memory hierarchies. We discuss how the use of MoA and the Psi Calculus, a calculus of indexing with shapes, provides optimal,(More)