Lenore M. Restifo Mullin

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The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) was named one of the Top Ten algorithms of the 20th century, and continues to be a focus of current research. A problem with currently used FFT packages is that they require large, finely tuned, machine specific libraries, produced by highly skilled software developers. Therefore, these packages fail to perform well across a(More)
We consider the analysis and optimization of code utilizing operations and functions operating on entire arrays. Models are developed for studying the minimization of the number of materializations of array-valued temporaries in basic blocks, each consisting of a sequence of assignment statements involving array-valued variables. We derive lower bounds on(More)
The Kronecker product is a key algorithm and is ubiquitous across the physical, biological, and computation social sciences. Thus considerations of optimal implementation are important. The need to have high performance and computational reproducibility is paramount. Moreover, due to the need to compose multiple Kronecker products, issues related to data(More)