Lenore L. Dai

J A Rogers2
H Jiang2
R G Nuzzo2
Y Huang2
Y Su2
2J A Rogers
2H Jiang
2R G Nuzzo
2Y Huang
2Y Su
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Adaptive soft materials that can autonomously or programmably change their shapes are of significant recent interest due to their broad applications. On page 1541 John A. Rogers, Hanqing Jiang , and co-workers combine compliant electrode arrays in open-mesh constructs with hydrogels to yield a class of soft actuator, capable of complex, programmable changes(More)
We have studied the calculation of surface and interfacial tension for a variety of liquid-vapor and liquid-liquid interfaces using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Because of the inherently small scale of MD systems, large pressure fluctuations can cause imprecise calculations of surface tension using the pressure tensor route. The capillary wave(More)
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