Lenore E Read

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According to Kornblum's (1992) dimensional overlap model, when an incongruent response to a stimulus is required, automatic activation of the congruent response must first be inhibited. Shiu and Kornblum (1996a) provided evidence for such inhibition in an incongruent symbolic negative priming task. Reaction time was longer when a trial's correct response(More)
The task in the present experiments was to reach out and grasp a novel object that afforded two possible grips. Different versions of the object were created that biased subjects to use one grip or the other. The dependent variable was the repetition effect, the tendency to repeat the grip that was used on the previous trial. In Experiment 1, two(More)
For tasks with an incompatible stimulus-response mapping, whether the compatible response must be inhibited is an ongoing issue. Read and Proctor (2004) tested this inhibition hypothesis, using a negative priming paradigm for four-choice tasks with three different incompatible spatial mappings. For a mapping that did not follow a simple rule, reaction time(More)
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