Lenny Foster

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OBJECTIVES This study explores the constructs of stereotyped behaviors (e.g., repetitive motor patterns, object manipulations, behavioral rigidities) and tactile defensiveness as relevant to occupational therapy theory and practice and attempts to test their purported relationships in children with developmental disabilities. METHOD Twenty-eight children(More)
Sweat lodge ceremonies (SLCs) have been an integral part of Navajo culture for hundreds of year. The Dine' Center for Substance Abuse Treatment staff utilized SLCs as a modality for jail-based treatment. Data were collected from the Spring of 1996 through the Spring of 1999 from 190 men ranging in age from 18 to 64. These inmate/patients (IPs) provided(More)
  • Lenny Foster
  • Journal of the American Academy of Child and…
  • 1998
OBJECTIVE To examine the frequency, age trends, and situational correlates of nervous habits (e.g., nail-biting, thumb-sucking) and motor stereotyped behaviors (e.g., body-rocking) in typically developing preschool children. METHOD Data were compiled from 100 teacher interviews and 32 parent interviews on children aged 3 to 6 years. A semistructured,(More)
A brief survey of eight motor habits, including body-rocking, was administered to two large samples of college undergraduates. A subsample was retested to establish survey reliability and validity. Those indicating engagement in body-rocking were interviewed about their body-rocking. Two psychopathology instruments were administered. The general prevalence(More)
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