Lennart Flood

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Time Allocation between Work and Family over the Life-Cycle: A Comparative Gender Analysis of Italy, France, Sweden and the United States This article analyses the extent to which changes in household composition over the life course affect the gender division of labour. It identifies and analyses cross-country disparities between France, Italy, Sweden and(More)
This study focuses on a comparison and evaluation of models and estimators appropriate for time-use data. The tobit type I as well as different generalizations are used. According to our findings, a simple tobit I method can produce results that are similar and in some cases even better to the much more sophisticated methods. This is especially true if the(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The aim of this prospective cross-sectional study was to determine the impact of (1) ring fencing in-patient general surgical beds and (2) introducing a pre-operative assessment clinic (PAC) on the day of surgery admission (DOSA) rate in a single Irish institution. The secondary aim was to analyse the impact of an increased rate of DOSA(More)
In this paper we propose a tax and benefit reform to increase the working hours and to decrease the welfare participation of single mothers in Sweden. We have access to high-quality tax and income data, and use a detailed tax-benefit program to generate precise budget-sets. We formulate and estimate a structural, static model of labor supply and welfare(More)
The finding of the vermiform appendix in an inguinal hernia has an incidence of approximately 1%. The condition is given the eponymous name Amyand's hernia. However in just 0.08% the condition is complicated by an acute appendicitis. The clinical presentation varies, depending on the extent of inflammation of the appendix and is most often misdiagnosed as(More)
Taxes, Wages and Working Hours This paper presents estimates of individuals’ responses in hourly wages to changes in marginal tax rates. Estimates based on register panel data of Swedish households covering the period 1992 to 2007 produce significant but relatively small net-of-tax rate elasticities. The results vary with family type, with the largest(More)
We investigate the effectiveness of different smoking policies on the decision to quit smoking using a choice experiment on a sample of habitual smokers. Our results indicate that restricted availability, increased cigarette prices, cessation subsidies and regulations at restaurants, bars and cafés increase the probability of smoking cessation. Regulations(More)
I develop a reform evaluation method for evaluating labor supply in nonlinear budget sets which is both structural and quasi-experimental. The model only requires preferences to be convex on the budget frontier and results in a simple three-dimensional labor supply function. The estimation exploits only the between-individual variation provided by tax(More)
The aim of this paper is to analyze business owners’ expected changes in turnover due to a general smoking ban in restaurants, bars and cafés in Sweden. This is accomplished using a survey mailed out to all 642 restaurants, bars, cafés and nightclubs in Gothenburg. The results show that the dependence on smoking customers and the beliefs on how the whole(More)