Lennart B-Å. Johansson

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The intrinsic fluorescence from the human lens on excitation in the UV region, referred to as blue lens autofluorescence, increases with age or in the presence of diabetes. The present study reveals(More)
A ground-state dimer (denoted D(I)) exhibiting a strong absorption maximum at 477 nm (epsilon = 97 000 M(-1)cm(-1)) can form between adjacent BODIPY groups attached to mutant forms of the protein,(More)
PURPOSE To study the kinetics of gene expression alterations following radiation exposure of isogenic HCT116 p53 +/+ and HCT116 p53-/- cell lines. MATERIALS AND METHODS Cells were exposed to 5 Gy(More)
Scatter and septal penetration deteriorate contrast and quantitative accuracy in single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). In this study four different correction techniques for scatter and(More)
To review early recommendations and propose guidelines for breastfeeding interruption after administration of radiopharmaceuticals, based on additional biokinetic and dosimetric data. Activity(More)