Lenko Grigorov

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We present a mechanism for initiating mediated conversations through eye contact. An eyePHONE is a physical proxy of a remote individual that senses and conveys attention using an eye tracking device and a pair of actuated eyeballs. Users may initiate calls by jointly looking at each other's eyePHONE. We discuss how this allows participants to implement(More)
A class of time-varying discrete-event systems, named dynamic discrete-event systems, is defined. The goal of this paper is to provide a method which is modular and can be applied in real solutions for the optimization of the online control of such systems. First, a simple control algorithm is presented, followed by illustrative examples of different issues(More)
A new methodology for the design of DES control is proposed which allows for the creation of conceptual designs by using encapsulated low-level elements. The approach can be used within the standard framework of modular supervisory control. The notion of DES templates is introduced, where both DES modules and specifications are represented as high-level(More)
The basic theory of supervisory control of discrete-event systems is extended with the notion of <i>templates</i>, which simplifies the modeling of controllers since one can work with conceptual designs. In this work, software which provides support for the new design approach is presented along with its application to a robotic testbed.
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