Lenka Havlícková

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Durum wheat often faces water scarcity and high temperatures, two events that usually occur simultaneously in the fields. Here we report on the stress responsive strategy of two durum wheat cultivars, characterized by different water use efficiency, subjected to drought, heat and a combination of both stresses. The cv Ofanto (lower water use efficiency)(More)
Water scarcity and high temperature stress and their combination are the most important stresses experienced by durum wheat in the ield. The responses induced by drought and heat stress at transcriptional level have been described, but much less is known about plant response to simultaneous drought and heat stress, although this is the most common event in(More)
The selection of desirable genotypes with recessive characteristics, such as self-incompatible plants, is often difficult or even impossible and represents a crucial barrier in accelerating the breeding process. Molecular approaches and selection based on molecular markers can allow breeders to overcome this limitation. The use of self-incompatibility is an(More)
Two chromatographic methods have been compared for analysis of protein-binding media used in paintings, namely, HPLC with fluorescence detection and GC-MS. The proteins were hydrolyzed to the corresponding amino acids (AAs) by gaseous HCl and the AAs were derivatized with methyl chloroformate, followed by GC-MS or by HPLC after derivatization with the AccQ(More)
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