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Revenge of the Radical Right
What explains the success and failure of radical right parties over time and across countries? This article presents a new theory of the radical right that emphasizes its reactive nature and views it
The Illiberal Turn or Swerve in Central Europe
Scholars are coming to terms with the fact that something is rotten in the new democracies of Central Europe. The corrosion has multiple symptoms: declining trust in democratic institutions,
The State as a Firm: Understanding the Autocratic Roots of Technocratic Populism
Why, when, and how does populism emerge in a stable democracy? This article investigates the political logic and ideological appeal of a rarely explored form of populism: technocratic populism.
Best in Covid: Populists in the Time of Pandemic
How do populists govern in crisis? We address this question by analyzing the actions of technocratic populists in power during the first wave of the novel coronavirus crisis in the Czech Republic and
In Europe’s Closet: the rights of sexual minorities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
ABSTRACT This article explores the mechanisms of accommodation and backlash against a new identity group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia—LGBT. Minority demands spark political backlash because
The Extreme Right in Eastern Europe: EU Accession and the Quality of Governance
This paper investigates variation in voter support for extreme-right parties in Eastern Europe, especially among the new EU members. It suggests that the success of the extreme right is a reaction to
Patronage, Trust, and State Capacity: The Historical Trajectories of Clientelism
What explains different levels of clientelism across countries? Why do some politicians deliver clientelistic goods to their electoral constituencies, and why do some voters demand them? This article
Extreme Reactions
Focusing on the rising support for the populist right in Eastern Europe, this book examines how anger and resentment towards minorities is being utilized in politics. Bustikova details the process by