Lenka Štěpánková

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Cross-study comparisons of effect sizes suggest that varenicline is more effective than nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) in aiding smoking cessation, but evidence from direct comparisons is limited. This study compared biochemically verified 52-week sustained abstinence rates in smokers attending the same clinical service according to(More)
BACKGROUND Weight concerns are prevalent in smokers and may reduce the success rate of quitting. This concept has been primarily studied on US populations and it is unknown how weight concerns may differ cross-culturally. This study examined the role of weight concern in European smokers wishing to stop smoking. METHODS A sample of 593 smokers (299 men(More)
INTRODUCTION Higher prevalence of smoking among depressed patients, as well as the risk of depression in smokers, is well documented. The proportion of patients with a history of depression among those seeking intensive treatment of tobacco dependence is also high. In contrast, evidence of treatment success in this subgroup of patients is controversial. The(More)
ISSUES Smoking prevalence in European countries is high. Adequately trained physicians can play a key role in reducing smoking rates in Europe. This paper provides an overview of postgraduate smoking cessation training for physicians in Europe. APPROACH Two methods were used: (i) a review of the Europe-based published and grey literature between 1999 and(More)
There are actually 32 Tobacco Dependence Treatment Centres in the Czech Republic, which were founded according to model of Nicotine Dependence Centre (NDC) in Mayo Clinic (Rochester, USA). This specialized treatment is only a tip of an iceberg; in the Czech Republic we miss the complex system of tobacco dependence treatment similar to the system of Mayo(More)
"Smoke-free Hospital" is the name of a gradual and long-term project, with the really smoke-free hospital as the final goal. The project is based on the process itself that leads to such a status. European Network of Smoke-free Hospitals (ENSH, www.ensh.org) provides detailed instructions and recommendations regarding actions to be implemented. The main(More)
Smoking is the most important cardiovascular (CV) risk factor. Stopping smoking halves the CV risk. Every clinician should provide a brief intervention with smokers. Intensive treatment should be available to those who need it. There are 37 Centers for Tobacco Dependence in the Czech Republic, which offer treatment including a psychobehavioral intervention(More)
Tobacco dependence causes every sixth death in the Czech Republic and is associated with diseases of the whole body. Treatment of tobacco dependence should be a standard part of clinical care to the extent of time available - from brief intervention at each clinical contact with patients up to intensive treatment. It includes psycho-socio-behavioural(More)
PURPOSE Tobacco/nicotine dependence has a significant heritable component. Genome-wide association studies have associated the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) rs578776, rs16969968, rs6474412, rs3733829 and rs4105144 with nicotine dependence in Western European populations. We examined whether these SNPs influence nicotine dependence and successful(More)