Lene Simonsen

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BACKGROUND We aimed to investigate whether fluid therapy with a goal of near-maximal stroke volume (SV) guided by oesophageal Doppler (ED) monitoring result in a better outcome than that with a goal of maintaining bodyweight (BW) and zero fluid balance in patients undergoing colorectal surgery. METHODS In a double-blinded clinical multicentre trial, 150(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of brief intense interval training as exercise intervention for promoting health and to evaluate potential benefits about common interventions, that is, prolonged exercise and strength training. METHODS Thirty-six untrained men were divided into groups that completed 12 wk of intense(More)
We describe a method for determining the rate parameter of conjugative plasmid transfer that is based on single estimates of donor, recipient and transconjugant densities and the growth rate in exponential phase of the mating culture. The formula for estimating the plasmid transfer rate, gamma, was derived from a mathematical model describing cell growth(More)
Mathematical models are used to ascertain the relationship between the incidence of antibiotic treatment and the frequency of resistant bacteria in the commensal flora of human hosts, as well as the rates at which these frequencies would decline following a cessation of antibiotic use. Recent studies of the population biology of plasmid-encoded and(More)
Inactivity is a recognized compounding factor in sarcopenia and muscle weakness in old age. However, while the negative effects of unloading on skeletal muscle in young individuals are well elucidated, only little is known about the consequence of immobilization and the regenerative capacity in elderly individuals. Thus the aim of this study was to examine(More)
A protocol was developed to study the dynamics of growth and plasmid transfer in surface populations of bacteria. This method allows for quantitative estimates of cell population densities over time, as well as microscopic observations of colony growth and interactions. Using this 'surface slide system' (SSS), the dynamics of the plasmid R1 and its(More)
This study was conducted to investigate the role of splanchnic and adipose tissue in the regulation of fatty acid (FA) metabolism at rest, during 1 h of semi-recumbent cycle exercise at 60 % of maximal power output and 3 h of recovery. In six post-absorptive healthy volunteers catheters were placed in a radial artery, hepatic vein and a subcutaneous vein on(More)
Training increases insulin sensitivity of both whole body and muscle in humans. To investigate whether training also increases insulin sensitivity of adipose tissue, we performed a three-step hyperinsulinemic, euglycemic clamp in eight endurance-trained (T) and eight sedentary (S) young men [insulin infusion rates: 10,000 (step I), 20,000 (step II), and(More)
One purpose of the present experiments was to examine whether the relative workload or the absolute work performed is the major determinant of the lipid mobilization from adipose tissue during exercise. A second purpose was to determine the co-ordination of skeletal muscle and adipose tissue lipid metabolism during a 3 h post-exercise period. Six subjects(More)
The interleukin-6 (IL-6) output from subcutaneous, abdominal adipose tissue was studied in nine healthy subjects before, during and for 3 h after 1 h two-legged bicycle exercise at 60 % maximal oxygen consumption. Seven subjects were studied in control experiments without exercise. The adipose tissue IL-6 output was measured by direct Fick technique. An(More)