Lena Strömbäck

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MOTIVATION Analysis and simulation of pathway data is of high importance in bioinformatics. Standards for representation of information about pathways are necessary for integration and analysis of data from various sources. Recently, a number of representation formats for pathway data, SBML, PSI MI and BioPAX, have been proposed. RESULTS In this paper we(More)
Standards and standardized data representation to allow efficient exchange of information is an important topic within systems biology. Within this area there is currently a rapid development of new standards as well as a need for import of datasets into various computer tools for further analysis. As the number of available standards within systems biology(More)
One important aim within systems biology is to integrate disparate pieces of information, leading to discovery of higher-level knowledge about important functionality within living organisms. This makes standards for representation of data and technology for exchange and integration of data important key points for development within the area. In this(More)
Provenance is essential in scientific experiments. It contains information that is key to preserving data, to determining its quality and authorship, and to reproducing as well as validating the results. In complex experiments and analyses , where multiple tools are used to derive data products, provenance captured by these tools must be combined in order(More)
The rapid increase in experimental data within systems biology has increased the need for exchange of data to allow analysis and comparison of larger datasets. This has resulted in a need for standardized formats for representation of such results and currently many formats for representation of data have been developed or are under development. In this(More)
Systems Biology is aimed at analyzing the behavior and interrelationships of biological systems and is characterized by combining experimentation, theory, and computation. Dedicated to exploring current challenges, the panel brings together people from a variety of disciplines whose perspectives illuminate diverse facets of Systems Biology and the(More)
In this paper we present results on developing robust natural language interfaces by combining shallow and partial interpretation with dialogue management. The key issue is to reduce the eeort needed to adapt the knowledge sources for parsing and interpretation to a necessary minimum. In the paper we identify diierent t ypes of information and present(More)