Lena Scholz

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Modelica traditionally has a non-compositional semantic definition, based on so-called " flattening ". But in the realm of programming languages and theoretical computer science it is by now an accepted principle that semantics should be given in a compositional way. Such a semantics is given in this paper for Modelica-style languages. Moreover , the(More)
The efficacy of a token economy system was assessed in a study involving 76 chronic schizophrenics who were inpatients during a treatment period of four years. The interrelations between therapeutic success on the one hand, and socio-economic as well as course of disease-related factors on the other were studied, including psychopathology and the efficacy(More)
The fine structure of normal, denervated, and reinnervated muscle spindles in lower lumbrical muscles of rats was studied morphometrically at time intervals ranging from 3-14 months. In control spindles, the mean transverse area of mitochondria was estimated to be more than twice as large in nuclear chain than in typical nuclear bag fibers. Following(More)
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