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The automated modeling of multi-physical dynamical systems is usually realized by coupling different subsystems together via certain interface or coupling conditions. This approach results in large-scale high-index differential-algebraic equations (DAEs). Since the direct numerical simulation of these kind of systems leads to instabilities and possibly(More)
We discuss the solution of linear second order differential-algebraic equations (DAEs) with variable coefficients. Since index reduction and order reduction for higher order, higher index differential-algebraic systems do not commute, appropriate index reduction methods for higher order DAEs are required. We present an index reduction method based on(More)
Modelica traditionally has a non-compositional semantic definition, based on so-called “flattening”. But in the realm of programming languages and theoretical computer science it is by now an accepted principle that semantics should be given in a compositional way. Such a semantics is given in this paper for Modelica-style languages. Moreover, the approach(More)
We analyze the structure of the linear differential and difference operators associated with the necessary optimality conditions of optimal control problems for descriptor systems in continuousand discrete-time. It has been shown in [27] that in continuous-time the associated optimality system is a self-conjugate operator associated with a self-adjoint pair(More)
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