Lena Santamarta

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Distilled dialogues, i.e. re-written natural dialogues, are a useful complement to dialogues collected in Wizard of Oz-experiments or in natural settings for development of dialogue systems. However, the distillation process itself also provides insights on human-computer interaction and on properties of dialogue systems. In this paper we present the(More)
Using natural language in addition to graphical user interfaces is often used as an argument for a better interaction. However, just adding spoken language might not lead to a better interaction. In this article we will look deeper into how the spoken language should be used in a co-operative multimodal interface. Based on empirical investigations, we have(More)
This paper brie y presents some assumptions and results that have been guiding our research on natural language interfaces for the past ten years. We rst review results relating to di erent modules of the pure natural language system and then proceed to discuss current work on a multimodal application. Natural language interfaces to information systems(More)
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