Lena Santamarta

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Distilled dialogues, i.e. rewritten natural dialogues, are a useful complement t o dialogues collected in Wizard of Oz-experiments or in natural settings for development o f dialogue systems. However, the distillation process itself also provides insights on human-computer interaction and on properties of dialogue systems. In this paper we present the(More)
Using natural language in addition to graphical user interfaces is often used as an argument for a better interaction. However, just adding spoken language might not lead to a better interaction. In this article we will look deeper into how the spoken language should be used in a cooperative multi-modal interface. Based on empirical investigations, we have(More)
First and foremost I would like to thank my supervisor Arne JJnsson who has guided me in the work that has resulted in this thesis. He has been a very active supervisor, always available for questions and engaging discussions. His enthusiasm and optimism has helped me focus my w ork and overcome obstacles. He has also read and provided valuable comments on(More)
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