Lena Mogemark

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The tyrosine phosphatase YopH is an essential virulence factor produced by pathogenic Yersinia species. YopH is translocated into host cells via a type III secretion system and its dephosphorylating activity causes disruption of focal complex structures and blockage of the phagocytic process. Among the host cell targets of YopH are the focal adhesion(More)
The immune cell specific protein Fyn-T binding protein (Fyb) has been identified as a target of the Yersinia antiphagocytic effector Yersinia outer protein H (YopH), but its role in macrophages is unknown. By using Fyb domains as bait to screen a mouse lymphoma cDNA library, we identified a novel interaction partner, mammalian actin binding protein 1(More)
The docking protein p130Cas has, together with FAK, been found as a target of the Yersinia virulence effector YopH. YopH is a protein tyrosine phosphatase that is delivered into host cells via the bacterial type III secretion machinery, and the outcome of its activity is inhibition of host cell phagocytosis. In the present study using p130Cas-/- cells, and(More)
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