Lena Magnusson

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The painter Willem de Kooning once suggested to a friend that he spend some time trying to sculpture a sphere, for example in plaster-but without using a pair of compasses or any other measuring instrument. The task is impossible, de Kooning said. You can never know if you really have created a sphere; if you start staring at it some part of it will sooner(More)
3 To life. Abstract The present dissertation consists of three empirical studies on social anxiety disorder (SAD) in a sample of Swedish children and adolescents. Based on findings made in a large behavior treatment study, the thesis contributes to the field of research on childhood SAD by investigating a factor that maintains the disorder, ways to assess(More)
  • Alexandru Supervisor, Popescu@bth Popescu, Adrian Se Examiner 1-Professor, Bth Popescu, Sweden, Mikael Asman +4 others
  • 2015
Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) are bringing revolutionary change in the field of wireless networking. It is a trustworthy technology in applications like broadband home networking, network management and latest transportation systems. WMNs consist of mesh routers, mesh clients and gateways. It is a special kind of wireless Ad-hoc networks. One of the issues(More)
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