Lena Mårtensson

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The effects of melatonin and noradrenaline (NA) on bi-directional melanosome transport were analysed in primary cultures of melanophores from the Atlantic cod. Both agents mediated rapid melanosome aggregation, and by using receptor antagonists, melatonin was found to bind to a melatonin receptor whereas NA binds to an alpha2-adrenoceptor. It has previously(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether, during injections of sterile water, there is any difference in perceived pain between intracutaneous and subcutaneous injections. DESIGN Blind controlled trial with cross-over design. SETTING Göteborg and Skövde, Sweden. PARTICIPANTS One hundred healthy female volunteers. METHODS The women were randomised into two(More)
AIM The purpose of the study was to describe how individuals with hypersensitivity to odours and chemicals handle their problems. BACKGROUND One group of patients we often encounter consists of those with upper and lower respiratory problems who also have a pronounced sensitivity to odours and chemicals. Earlier studies have shown that these symptoms can(More)
Personal assistants assist persons with severe disability in the performance of their daily activities. The law that covers the right to personal assistance is intended to strengthen the disabled individual's position as a member of society. The aim of the study was to describe personal assistants' conceptions of their cooperation in the rehabilitation of(More)
Current status and forecasts are given for the IFAC subject area “Social Impact of Automation”. Three broadly used approaches for dealing with these issues are identified: the traditional techno-centric, the human-centred and the sociotechnical approach. From future trends in control and information technology, in society and in future impact of automation(More)
Activation and accumulation of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs, neutrophils) in the lungs is considered an important mechanism in the pathogenesis of pulmonary dysfunction in association with sepsis. It probably constitutes only part of a general cellular response; and a corresponding reaction has been implicated in other organs during sepsis (e.g., the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the relief of pain in labour with subcutaneous and intracutaneous injections of sterile water, compared with placebo. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial. SETTING Labour ward with approximately 3000 deliveries annually in a suburban area near Gothenburg, Sweden. PARTICIPANTS Ninety-nine pregnant women at term, requiring pain(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM A growing responsibility on the part of individuals to make decisions in health issues implies the need of access to health information and personal skills to comprehend the information. Health literacy comprises skills in obtaining, understanding and acting on information about health issues in ways that promote and maintain health. A(More)
BACKGROUND Refugees have poorer health compared to indigenous populations, which may be explained by lower health literacy, i.e. not being able to access, understand, appraise or apply health information. This study aims to determine levels of functional and comprehensive health literacy, and factors associated with inadequate health literacy, in refugees(More)
PURPOSE The objective of the study was to describe participants' experiences of a rehabilitation programme for persons with chronic pain. METHOD A qualitative design with focus group methodology was used. The sample consisted of 24 individuals with chronic pain who were divided into six focus groups. The rehabilitation programme, which was led by an(More)