Lena Lindström

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Localized muscle fatigue in the masseter muscle was studied with a method based on power spectrum analysis of myoelectric signals. Under the influence of fatiguing contractions, a gradual shift of the spectral curve occurred; the rate of change was taken as a measure of the development of fatigue. The fatigue was dependent on the bite force. The existence(More)
Techniques are described for recording evoked potentials in humans in response to stimulation of the urinary bladder. Twenty patients with various disorders of their urinary function were investigated. Evoked cortical potentials following stimulation of the urinary bladder could be recorded from all patients except subjects with complete transverse spinal(More)
5 healthy subjects were studied during 10-15 min of isometric jaw elevator contraction above fatigue threshold level. Bite force was measured between upper and lower front teeth and electromyographic (EMG) activity recorded from the right temporal and masseter muscles. Of the two muscles only the masseter was active at the start of the test and usually(More)
Cortical evoked potentials following stimulation of the lower urinary tract have been recorded in humans. Of 26 patients investigated 9 had no urinary signs or symptoms except genuine stress incontinence, while the remaining 17 had various neurogenic bladder disorders. Monopolar and bipolar stimulation of the bladder and urethra was performed using(More)
BACKGROUND Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 2D phase-contrast flow measurement has been regarded as the gold standard in blood flow measurements and can be performed with free breathing or breath held techniques. We hypothesized that the accuracy of flow measurements obtained with segmented phase-contrast during breath holding, and in particular higher(More)
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