Lena Kurzen

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We analyse the computational complexity of comparing informational structures. Intuitively, we study the complexity of deciding queries such as the following: Is Alice’s epistemic information strictly coarser than Bob’s? Do Alice and Bob have the same knowledge about each other’s knowledge? Is it possible to manipulate Alice in a way that she will have the(More)
The majority of formal approaches to analogy models analogies as structure preserving mappings from source to target domain. Bipin Indurkhya developed a formal theory of analogies and cognitive processes in general, where source and target are represented as concept networks, which are special kinds of algebras. The relation between them is modeled as an(More)
This paper analyzes the computational complexity of the inductive inference game Eleusis. Eleusis is a card game in which one player constructs a secret rule which has to be discovered by the other players. We determine the complexity of various decision problems that arise in Eleusis. We show that on the one hand, many of the problems are solvable in(More)