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Delirium is a common complication in the course of hospitalization characterized by disturbances of awareness and attention, cognition and psychomotor behavior. Further characteristics include an abrupt onset, fluctuating course, as well as an underlying etiology causing this syndrome (APA 2000). In particular, in the intensive care (ICU) setting delirium(More)
Arnold-Chiari malformations (ACM) represent a constellation of related congenital anomalies at the base of the brain. ACM is a very rare disorder with displacement of the cerebellar tonsils caudally into the foramen magnum. To date, the cause of this malformation is unknown, however, there is some evidence for a defect of the paraxial mesoderm resulting in(More)
Some people have a profound dissatisfaction with what is considered an able-bodied state by most others. These individuals desire to be disabled, by conventional standards. In this Review, we integrate research findings about the desire for a major limb amputation or paralysis (xenomelia). Neuropsychological and neuroimaging explorations of xenomelia show(More)
Background The integrity of subcortical brain nuclei is associated with maintenance of regular cognitive performance levels and has been shown to be particularly affected by aging-related vascular pathology. This study aims to demonstrate applicability of high field strength magnetic resonance angiography at 7 Tesla (7T) for assessment of interindividual(More)
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