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Conducting low-temperature organometallic reactions under continuous flow conditions offers the potential to more accurately control exotherms and thus provide more reproducible and scalable processes. Herein, progress towards this goal with regards to the lithium-halogen exchange/borylation reaction is reported. In addition to improving the scope of(More)
The generation of azomethine ylides from the readily accessible hemiaminals 3 and 8 or from iminium salt 10 was studied. Compounds 8 gave anti- and syn-cycloadducts containing the quinocarcin core through a catalyst-free dehydration process.
A sequential three-component process is described, starting from 3-arylmethylene-2,5-piperazinediones and involving a one-pot sequence of reactions achieving regioselective opening of the 2,5-diketopiperazine ring and diastereoselective generation of an aziridine ring. This method allows the preparation of N-unprotected, trisubstituted aziridines bearing a(More)
An on-demand preparation of organomagnesium reagents is presented using a new flow protocol. The risks associated with the activation of magnesium are circumvented by a new on-column initiation procedure. Required amounts of solutions with a precise titration were obtained. Telescoped flow or batch reactions allow access to a diverse set of functional(More)
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