Lena Hsu

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The distribution of intracellular myosin was studied by the double antibody immunofluorescence method in primary organotypic neuronal cultures and two established neuronal and glial cell lines. An array of parallel filaments aligned with the major cellular axis and a three-dimensional subsurface network were shown to react with two different myosin(More)
The involvement of dorsal root ganglia was studied in an in vivo model of experimental rabies virus infection using the challenge virus standard (CVS-11) strain. Dorsal root ganglia neurons infected with CVS in vitro show prolonged survival and few morphological changes, and are commonly used to study the infection. It has been established that after(More)
The histogenesis of the dorsal root ganglia of chick embryos (ages 3 to 9 days) was followed in three different tissue culture systems. Organotypic explants included dorsal root ganglia connected to the lumbosacral segment of the spinal cord or isolated explants of the contralateral ganglia. Additionally, dissociated monolayer cultures of ganglia tissue(More)
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