Lena Hegemann

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A morphological study concerning the development of the ligamentum teres and its artery was performed by investigating 300-600 microns thick epoxy resin impregnated sections through the hip joints of human fetuses and newborn children. In addition, the hip joints were macroscopically studied in three fetuses and in two newborn children. After photographical(More)
In the present study, we investigated the effects of bifonazole/urea ointment, a novel topical drug for the treatment of onychomycosis, on the ultrastructure of normal and fungus-infected human toenails by scanning electron microscopy. Nails were treated with the drug ex vivo and compared to untreated controls. During treatment, the corneocyte layers(More)
In order to obtain further evidence for the involvement of protein kinases in the short-term ACTH-stimulated aldosterone synthesis in rat zona glomerulosa cells, the effects of three different compounds with protein kinase inhibitory properties were investigated. Staurosporine, H-7 and trifluoperazine inhibited ACTH-stimulated aldosterone release in a(More)
A new histological method basing on the plastination technique (v. Hagens, Tiedemann, Kriz 1987) has recently been developed and applied to research in human fetal development. This plastination histology shows some evident advantages compared with the classical histological techniques. As the application of this new method has been very time consuming up(More)
The work we present is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Saarland University Orchestra and students of media computer science. The main goal was to create an opportunity for the audience of a live event to engage and have an active influence on the course and mood of the event itself. Our concept was tested and implemented as part of the end of(More)
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