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This study explores gender differences in victimization and perpetration experiences of gays and lesbians in intimate relationships. A sample of 283 gays and lesbians reported on their experiences both as victims and perpetrators of gay/lesbian relationship violence by completing a modified version of the Conflict Tactics Scale (Straus, Gelles, & Steinmetz,(More)
A sample of 162 gay males and 111 lesbians (N = 273) completed a survey measuring the frequency of sexually coercive acts occurring within gay and lesbian relationships. Several hypotheses were proposed to clarify earlier findings and to explore gender differences in the data. Contradicting earlier studies' findings that lesbians experience sexual coercion(More)
In the state of Israel there are no clear guidelines of decision-making for terminally ill patients. However, physicians do make decisions concerning life sustaining treatment. The rate of these decisions in medical wards in Israel is not known. The purpose of the study was to investigate prospectively, in a medical division, the rate of foregoing(More)
The number of elderly patients hospitalised in acute medical wards is increasing rapidly. It is important to understand the demographic and clinical characteristics of these patients so as to plan appropriate resource allocation and geriatric training programmes. The aim of the study is to describe the demographic and clinical characteristics of elderly(More)
INTRODUCTION The significant changes, which have affected departments of medicine over the last two decades, have been much editorialized. Surprisingly few data have been published that document these changes. We describe the demographic and clinical characteristics of patients admitted to one hospital's departments of internal medicine. METHODS During a(More)
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