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A human IgA-radioimmunoprecipitation assay (IgA-RIPA) utilizing the galactose-binding lectin jacalin from the jack-fruitArtrocarpus integrifolia was developed. Among the human immunoglobulins, jacalin binds specifically to immunoglobulin A. The IgA-RIPA was used to characterize the serum IgA response to individual rotavirus polypeptides in nine paired sera(More)
Gender wage differentials have been the subject of considerable attention but not from the perspective of individual wage bargaining. In an empirical analysis using unique data from two surveys of recent graduates (Jusek, 1999 and 2000), striking gender differences in bargaining and resulting outcomes are established. First, women bargain differently from(More)
This paper contributes to our understanding of gender differences in career mobility by focusing on a specific industry, the wholesale and retail trade, and examining intra-industry mobility as well as inter-industry mobility. We analyse whether women tend to get trapped in low-level jobs by addressing the following research questions: i) Are there gender(More)
Using a unique set of data on the pension portfolio choices of individuals eligible for a new public, mandatory, defined-contribution pension system in Sweden, this paper analyses the extent to which individuals integrate personal values and societal concerns with economic and financial decision-making. Preferences for ethical investments have not(More)
Using Swedish micro data, this paper examines the determinants of the incidence of, and the amount of, job-related training. The analysis is performed by estimating probit, count data and hurdle models with a set of explanatory variables chosen on a theoretical basis. The results show that the determinants of the probability of receiving training and the(More)
This paper studies how the replacement rate, which is defined as the ratio of the disposable income when unemployed and the expected disposable income if starting to work, affects the individual transition rate from unemployment. Linked register data, representing a local Finnish labour market in 1996, are analysed with piece-wise constant exponential(More)
Earlier literature on gender and risk-taking based on US data has found women to be more conservative investors (see e.g Jianakoplos & Bernasek, 1998, for savings; Sundén & Surette, 1998, for retirement savings). The purpose of the present paper is to test empirically whether this holds good, when all background risks are taken into account. I use a unique(More)
Most labour market analyses take money wages as the sole measure of compensation for labour, thus excluding fringe benefits. We examine an extended compensation measure by incorporating mandatory collective earnings-related insurance rights: the rights of individual old age pension, sickness benefit insurance and survivors’ pension. We estimate the return(More)
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