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BACKGROUND Diabetes is known to be associated with cancer of the pancreas, though there is some debate as to whether it is a cause or a consequence of the disease. We investigated the incidence of pancreatic cancer in a cohort of 37926 Israeli women followed for 28-40 years for whom information on diabetes had been collected at the time they gave birth, in(More)
This study was performed to assess the prognostic relevance of genomic aberrations at chromosome 4q in NSCLC patients. We have previously identified copy number changes at 4q12-q32 to be significantly associated with the early hematogenous dissemination of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and now aim to narrow down potential hot-spots within this 107 Mb(More)
Some forms of epigenetic abnormalities transmitted to offspring are manifested in differences in disease incidence that depend on parent-of-origin. To explore whether such phenomena might operate in schizophrenia spectrum disorders, we estimated the relative incidence of these conditions in relation to parent-of-origin by considering the two grandfathers'(More)
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