Lena Dahlgren

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Wastewater reclamation is an upcoming approach that will significantly affect wastewater treatment systems. Despite the fact that technology for treating wastewater to an effluent water quality that meets various quality standards for reuse is already available and applied, the reuse of water is not just a simple and straightforward road. Significant(More)
The sensitivity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Cobas Amplicor PCR (MTB-PCR) is considerably lower for tissue than for airway samples, depending on both lower bacterial content and presence of inhibitory substances in tissues. The aim of this study was to improve the sensitivity of MTB-PCR in inhibiting biopsy samples. A brief-culture method was applied to 33(More)
It has been demonstrated that the contamination of blood samples with pyrazole will disturb automated enzymatic determinations of ethanol by methods involving the use of YADH, if the sample is not distilled. Determination of ethanol by gas liquid chromatography, the Widmark method or by the ultramicro destination enzymatic method for ethanol analysis(More)
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