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To evaluate the role of perinatal transmission in the spread of hepatitis C virus (HCV), we screened a cohort of pregnant intravenous drug using (IVDU) women for HCV antibody detection; where seropositive HCV RNA detection by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was found we followed the infants longitudinally for HCV antibody and HCV RNA. Serum prevalence for(More)
This study analyzes the clinical and pathological features of 76 patients who were diagnosed as having ovarian low malignant potential tumor over a 20-year period: 39 (51.3%) of the tumors were mucinous, 29 (38.2%) serous, three (3.9%) endometrioid, and five (6.6%) mixed. Patients with serous tumors were significantly younger (mean age 40 years) than those(More)
The last decade has seen an increase in the use of illicit drugs and alcohol in the community including an increase in the use of these agents by women in the reproductive age group. With this in mind, health-care workers need to avoid being complacent in caring for these women--they are a high-risk obstetric population with a significant incidence of(More)
A case of total thoracic ectopia cordis with double-outlet right ventricle and ventricular septal defect is presented. Prenatal diagnosis allowed single-stage correction immediately after birth. This approach proved to be technically feasible. Death occurred on the twelfth postoperative day owing to sepsis unrelated to the repair.
Gestational diabetes(GDM) is increasing exponentially. To address this, we contend that a pervasive mobile solution that can facilitate self-care is a prudent strategy. To demonstrate proof of concept, user fidelity, usability and acceptability of such a solution a small pilot study of 10 patients was designed. A quasi-experimental approach employing a(More)
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