Len Katz

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Visual redundancy effects were investigated in two experiments using nonalphabetic material. Experiment 1 had adult subjects search for the presence or absence of a predetermined target symbol through single six-symbol linear arrays. Reaction times were significantly faster in both a distributional redundancy and a spatial redundancy condition than in a(More)
The representation of meaning by words is the basis of the human linguistic ability. Spoken words have an underlying phonologic structure that is formed by combining a small set of phonemes. The purpose of alphabetic orthographies is to represent and convey these phonologic structures in a graphic form. Just as languages differ one from the other,(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous reports have indicated that persons with severe mental illness have an elevated risk of contracting HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C compared with the general population. This study extends earlier findings by examining the factors that are most predictive of serologic status among persons with severe mental illness. METHOD S: A total(More)
Based on numerous suggestions in the literature, we evaluated lexical decision (LD) as a putative endophenotype for reading comprehension by investigating heritability estimates and segregation analyses parameter estimates for both of these phenotypes. Specifically, in a segregation analysis of a large sample of families, we established that there is little(More)
"...we must not be misled in our ontology by the possibilities provided by our metalanguage." There is by now a large and convincing body of evidence that linguistic units representing acoustic or articulatory steady states need not be included as primitives in linguistic representations of phonological structure. Alternatives to such segments l being(More)
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