Lemont B. Kier

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A new method for molecular structure description is presented in which both electronic and topological characteristics are combined. The method makes use of the hydrogen-suppressed graph to represent the structure. The focus of the method is on the individual atoms and hydride groups of the molecular skeleton. An intrinsic atom value is assigned to each(More)
Fifteen physicochemical descriptors of side chains of the 20 natural and of 26 non-coded amino acids are compiled and simple methods for their evaluation described. The relevance of these parameters to account for hydrophobic, steric, and electric properties of the side chains is assessed and their intercorrelation analyzed. It is shown that three principal(More)
Significant issues in the representation of molecular structure and the development of the molecular connectivity paradigm are presented. In the molecular connectivity paradigm, molecular structure is represented directly. Kier and Hall developed the method by creating ways to encode electronic information based on the paradigm developed from the Randić(More)
The molecular connective index, chi, initially designed for hydrocarbons, has been formally extended to molecules containing heteroatoms. The sigma value of the heteroatom is modified to take account of its number of attached hydrogen atoma, sigmaiv = Zv - hi. These values were successfully tested on boiling points and molar refractions. A table of sigmav(More)
Four modeling techniques, using topological descriptors to represent molecular structure, were employed to produce models of human serum protein binding (% bound) on a data set of 1008 experimental values, carefully screened from publicly available sources. To our knowledge, this data is the largest set on human serum protein binding reported for QSAR(More)
A very significant linear correlation was found between a recently proposed connectivity index and molecular polarizability, cavity surface areas calculated for water solubility of alcohols and hydrocarbons, and biological potencies of nonspecific local anesthetics. The simplicity of calculation of the index from the connectivity in the molecular skeleton,(More)
The concept of the expanded series of the connectivity index, chi, is introduced and applied to a consideration of the density of three classes of molecules. Correlations are found using two terms in the expanded series. A preliminary reflection on the extended series terms is made. It is noted that the regression equation constant in the three studies is(More)