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The Test Affairs is the very component part of Academic Management in high schools. The information system of comprehensive testing management in high schools are developed by the VISG using information technology. The paper discusses business processes and data flow in testing management. And on this basis, the paper introduces the designing principle in(More)
According to the principle of electrostatic precipitation, the paper analyzes the appearance reason of anti-corona when higher resistivity powder is removed. Electrostatic precipitation can work with high efficiency and energy-saving by using new technique of power supply to avoid anti-corona. As well as it can reduce the thickness of powder by technique(More)
Cloud computing is a development and integration result of distributed processing, parallel processing and grid computing technologies. It helps the enterprise switch the resources according to the applications, accesses computer and storage systems according to the demand. And it provides a new computing model for enterprise informatization. This paper(More)
The modern monitoring teaching quality system is the key approach for ensuring the Continuous teaching quality improvement. On the principle of comprehensive teaching quality management, combining the basic theory element and method of system, information and cybernetics, the teaching evaluation and information feedback system is developed. The teaching(More)
The fluorescence characteristic spectrums of samples obtained from the parameterization for three-dimensional fluorescence spectrum of mineral oil are diverse, and therefore, the species identification of mineral oil is difficult to be realized through simple formulas when the species identification of mineral oil is conducted by means of three-dimensional(More)
RFID technology is a new auto-identification with exclusive advantage, which will substitute for bar code and has an important effect on Logistics. RFID technology and its characteristic are introduced, applications about the RFID technique are analyzed, and research trend about RFID technique in the future is pointed out.
Removal of the refractory organic matters in leachate brines generated from nanofiltration unit in two full-scale municipal solid waste landfill leachate treatment plants was investigated by Fenton oxidative-coagulation and ultraviolet photo - Fenton processes in this study. Fenton oxidative-coagulation was performed under the condition of an initial pH of(More)
Chemical industry is the fundamental strategic industry in national economy and one of pillar industries in China. A wealth of chemical industrial parks has been built one after another in many places, where lots of chemical enterprises are established. In the normal operation of those enterprises, their raw materials or products manufactured, transported(More)
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