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The VP55 (catalytic) subunit of vaccinia virus heterodimeric poly(A) polymerase (PAP) contacts 31-40 nucleotide segments of RNA in a uridylate-dependent manner, and effects the rapid, processive addition of a 30 nt oligo(A) tail. Here, the minimum size of uridylate-containing RNA required for stable VP55 interaction was refined to 33-34 nt. VP55 binding(More)
Iron (Fe) is an essential micronutrient for humans, and iron deficiency is the most common micronutrient deficiency worldwide. Research on the genetic basis of iron concentration in maize kernels will provide guidance for the development of iron-rich crops, a major breeding goal to address iron deficiency. The maize Yellow Stripe 1 (ZmYS1) gene encodes a(More)
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