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This paper presents a novel cascade multi-channel convolutional neural networks(CMC-CNN) approach for face alignment. Several CNN are jointly used for the finally output. In our method, each stage CNN takes the local region around the landmarks as input, and each local patches does convolution separately, which can lead network to learn local high-level(More)
Occlusions by sunglasses, scarf, hats, beard, shadow etc, can significantly reduce the performance of face recognition systems. Although there exists a rich literature of researches focusing on face recognition with illuminations, poses and facial expression variations, there is very limited work reported for occlusion robust face recognition. In this(More)
A facile route was proposed to synthesize polyaniline (PANI) uniformly deposited on bagasse fiber (BF) via a one-step in situ polymerization of aniline in the dispersed system of BF. Correlations between the structural, electrical, and electromagnetic properties were extensively investigated. Scanning electron microscopy images confirm that the PANI was(More)
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