Leland V. Miller

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BACKGROUND Fecal calprotectin (FC) is an established simple biomarker of gut inflammation. To examine a possible relationship between linear growth and gut inflammation, we compared fecal calprotectin levels in 6 month old infants from poor rural vs affluent urban families. METHODS The project was a cross-sectional comparison of FC from rural and urban(More)
Otolaryngologists often prescribe head movement exercise programs for patients with vestibular disorders, although the effectiveness of these programs and the critical features of the exercises are poorly understood. Because many patients who dislike exercising do not follow through with their exercises, alternatives to the traditional repetitive exercises(More)
These three case reports are examples of the use of graded, purposeful activities in remediating the symptoms of vestibular disorders. Therapists can design individualized treatment plans for each patient by incorporating activities of interest to the patient. The treatment activities must include the particular head movements and positions that elicit(More)
A previously described mathematical model of Zn absorption as a function of total daily dietary Zn and phytate was fitted to data from studies in which dietary Ca, Fe and protein were also measured. An analysis of regression residuals indicated statistically significant positive relationships between the residuals and Ca, Fe and protein, suggesting that the(More)
Interference with zinc absorption is a proposed explanation for adverse effects of supplemental iron in iron-replete children in malaria endemic settings. We examined the effects of iron in micronutrient powder (MNP) on zinc absorption after three months of home fortification with MNP in maize-based diets in rural Kenyan infants. In a double blind design,(More)
A compartmental model of zinc metabolism has been developed from stable isotope tracer studies of five healthy adults. Multiple isotope tracers were administered orally and intravenously, and the resulting enrichment was measured in plasma, erythrocytes, urine, and feces for as long as 3 wk. Data from total zinc measurements and model-independent(More)
Bivariate regression is used to estimate energy expenditure from doubly labeled water data. Two straight lines are fitted to the logarithms of the enrichments of oxygen-18 and deuterium simultaneously as a bivariate regression, so that the correlations between the oxygen and deuterium regression coefficients can be estimated. Maximum likelihood methods are(More)
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