Leland Smith

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Nine subjects with prelingually acquired, sensorineural, hearing loss were given a three-interval, forced-choice, test of speech pattern contrast perception under two amplification conditions. The first involved adjustment of the low and high frequency outputs of a two-channel Master Hearing Aid to each subject's highest comfortable level, but without(More)
  • M Elwenspoekt, L Smith, Hok, I-^ A.. C..--" L, La A
  • 2002
In this contribution we propose an electrostatic actuator for active joints. The active joint consists of two plates, one of which is a bilayer and bent by the bimorph effect. The plates are clamped to each other at one edge. A voltage between the plates leads to a very large field at the clamp where the plates are in intimate contact, thereby producing a(More)
Current directions in network routing research have not kept pace with the latest developments in network architectures, such as peer-to-peer networks, sensor networks, ad-hoc wireless networks, and overlay networks. A common characteristic among all of these new technologies is the presence of highly dynamic network topologies. Currently deployed(More)
Pepperdine University is a mid-sized private institution with an informal relationship with the Churches of Christ. It is made up of four schools and colleges. Seaver College and the School of Law are located on the 819 acre campus at Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The School of Business and Management and the Graduate School of Education and(More)