Leland P Johnson

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A retrospective analysis using patient and family questionnaires and chart review was done on 269 patients with head and neck neoplasms. Sixty-nine with tumors at sites known to be unrelated to tobacco and alcohol use served as controls. Two hundred patients with epidermoid carcinoma of the oral cavity, pharynx, and larynx constituted the study group.(More)
CT scans of 35 patients were obtained during rapid drip infusion of contrast material to determine the range of normal variation in the structures of the oropharynx and the floor of the mouth. Superficial structures such as the tonsillar pillars and lingual and faucial tonsils vary so much in appearance that they are not useful indicators in the detection(More)
A review was made of the clinical records and radiographic examinations of 38 patients with neck lesions clinically suspected of being branchial cleft anomalies. The impact of computed tomography in this sometimes confusing clinical picture was assessed and CT criteria for diagnosing branchial cleft anomalies (BCAs) and differentiating them from their(More)
A dual hook system devised by Bobechko for use with Harrington and Moe distraction rods to eliminate postoperative orthotic support was employed in the surgical treatment of 57 patients with progressive scoliosis. Mean follow-up time was 33 months (range 15 to 56 months). Average correction was 51%, with an average loss of correction of 8 degrees. Five(More)