Leland Jameson

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Wavelets detect information at different scales and at different locations throughout a computational domain. Furthermore, wavelets can detect the local polynomial content of computational data. Numerical methods are most efficient when the basis functions of the method are similar to the data present. By designing a numerical scheme in a completely(More)
A spectral method and a fifth-order weighted essentially non-oscillatory method were used to examine the consequences of filtering in the numerical simulation of the three-dimensional evolution of nearly-incompressible, inviscid Taylor-Green vortex flow. It was found that numerical filtering using the high-order exponential filter and low-pass filter with(More)
Phosphorylation of purified microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs) inhibits the rate and extent of MAP-stimulated microtubule assembly. The extent of microtubule assembly is reduced as a result of a decrease in the fraction of tubulin polymerized, without a significant change in the critical protein concentration. The decreased rate of microtubule assembly(More)
32P labeling of microtubular protein by endogenous protein kinase activity is shown to result from a net increase in protein-bound phosphate and is not the result of a phosphate exchange reaction between ATP and phosphoprotein. Protein phosphorylation is maximal in the presence of 0.5 mM Mg2+ and 0.25 mM ATP, resulting in approximately 2.8 nmol of(More)
Four glass-ionomer cements were examined for solubility by measuring the fluoride release from a simulated dental restoration. From this study it may be concluded: 1. Glass-ionomer cements as luting agents for dental prostheses release significant quantities of fluoride. 2. Commercially available cements vary in the amounts of fluoride released. 3. The(More)
When one considers the e ect in the physical space, Daubechies-based wavelet methods are equivalent to nite di erence methods with grid re nement in regions of the domain where small scale structure exists. Adding a wavelet basis function at a given scale and location where one has a correspondingly large wavelet coe cient is, essentially, equivalent to(More)
Wavelet analysis provides information on the energy present at various scales and locations throughout a computational domain. This information is precisely the information that is needed to define the appropriate gridpoint densities and the appropriate numerical order to resolve the physics at hand in the computationally most efficient manner. Here a(More)