Leland Jameson

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Wavelets detect information at different scales and at different locations throughout a computational domain. Furthermore, wavelets can detect the local polynomial content of computational data. Numerical methods are most efficient when the basis functions of the method are similar to the data present. By designing a numerical scheme in a completely(More)
A spectral method and a fifth-order weighted essentially non-oscillatory method were used to examine the consequences of filtering in the numerical simulation of the three-dimensional evolution of nearly-incompressible, in-viscid Taylor-Green vortex flow. It was found that numerical filtering using the high-order exponential filter and low-pass filter with(More)
I am pleased to deliver, on behalf of nearly 100 contributing computational scientists from leading universities, Department of Energy laboratories, and other federal agencies, the report Report of the First Multiscale Mathematics Workshop: First Steps toward a Roadmap. There is an urgent need for investment in the area of multiscale mathematics. This(More)
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